Surat Jewellery Manufacturers Association (SJMA) was established in Surat and is a non-profit organisation with an objective of promoting, supporting, protecting, maintaining and increasing the export of Jewellery.

A non-profit association dedicated to the betterment of the jewellery industry in Surat with advanced education and trading system. The purpose is to set marketing policies that increase foreign exchange earnings of the country and enhance incomes of producers engaged in the association. SJMA’s motto is to protect business from any type of fraud.

SJMA website provides information of all associates company and its profile details. We aim to show some of the exemplary design trends, new practices, creative ideas, different features and designer’s skills and to give some inspiration and ideas.



The Association had also launched “Make in Surat” which facilitates investment, innovation, enhance skill development, protect intellectual property and build best in jewellery manufacturing class. It is devised to transform Surat into a global design and manufacturing place and reach out to a vast local and global jewellery customer.


With the intention to promote the jewellery industry and trade in Surat, SJMA plans to conduct an initiative to launch the first ever B2B trade exhibitions. The show brings together the key Associations, Exhibitors and Buyers under one roof. The idea behind this is to encourage the gems and jewellery industry to reach out to a vast number of domestic as well as international visitors with their finest collection.


SJMA focuses on improving marketing and production skills and for that it plans to organize seminars that help to build connections with experts. Ideas, trends and talent that can focus on the customer demand for .technological advancement for manufacturing, shipping and sale of the products. It also provides accommodation for buyers.

All the associate companies of SJMA have the capability of crafting the international jewellery that does not compromise on its quality and delivering the best. The association has experts who can live up to the customer’s expectations. SJMA also gives importance to Export Promotion that undertakes direct promotional activities, including joint participation in international jewellery shows, sending and hosting trade delegations and sustained image building exercises. As we all know that 90% of diamond production is done in Surat, so it is SJMA’s goal to promote and manufacture maximum diamond jewellery in Surat and make Surat a diamond jewellery hub.


  • Expanding Jewellery manufacturing business of Surat.
  • Protecting business from any type of fraud.
  • Organizing Trade fairs.
  • Organizing Training courses, Seminars & Meetings.
  • Arranging promotional activities.
  • Supporting its members about export activities.
  • Preparing report about “Target Markets”.



  • Surat Jewellery Manufacturer’s Association
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