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1. Participants requested to follow the guidelines given below carefully in their own interest and in case of any difficulty you may contact the Organizer immediately.

  • Acknowledgment receipt of the payment made through either of the following online modes (RTGS/NEFT/IMPS) is required to be submitted either online, through email, by post or in person in the Council’s office.
  • Participants are requested to keep a photocopy of the Challan thus generated for the transaction for their own record purposes.
  • Payment Challan shall be complete in all respects and no column shall be left blank.
  • GST: All taxes shall be required to be paid as applicable.
  • Any Excess payment if any which is made by the participants will be refunded as per terms and conditions.

2. To participate in the exhibition, the participant shall submit the application form completely filled with all the details along with relevant participation charges and security deposit.

  • The organizer reserves all rights to accept or refuse any application of any applicant to participate in the exhibition. The organizer shall further have rights to decide which items / products may or may not be displayed by any exhibitor. All Organizers’ decisions to such effect shall be final and binding on the exhibitors. Any objections or arguments about the said concerns will not be entertained.
  • All applicants are liable to pay 50% participation charges at the time of submitting the application form. Full and Final Payment Should be clear before 25th November, 2022.
  • Constructed – up indoor space: The organizer will provide constructed – up modular stalls of international specifications for exhibitors, Each stall will have basic furniture (includes 1 display table, 2 chairs, 3 spots lights, 1 waste paper basket, fascia with company / brand name, Synthetic carpeting), general security and conservancy.
  • The organizer will provide above facilities against payment of participation charges. The exhibitors have to apply as suggested in Exhibitor’s Manual for all other extra requirements such as display table, display shelf, extra electricity power and space in strong room. Such extra facilities / services will be made available, subject to availability and on prior intimation on actual cost basis.
  • The organizer reserves the right to reallocate space, change the layout, add or delete corridors as shown in the printed space plant which may affect the orientation of some exhibitors. The organizer’s decision will be final in such matters.


  • The organizer reserves all rights to cancel the exhibition at any time without assigning any reason for such cancellation. If any exhibitors want to cancel the stall then they have to sent a written application to the organizer with specific reason to cancel the participation. The organizer shall refund the participation charges to the exhibitor without any interest. Upon the organizer refunding the participation charges, the exhibitors shall not have any rights nor should make any further claim against the organizer.
  • The organizer also reserves all rights to cancel any one or more days of the exhibition without assigning any reasons for such cancellation. In such event, the organizer shall not make any refund of any amount or payment or anything whatsoever to any of the exhibitors. • In the event if an exhibitor cancelling or reducing his space reserved, the organizer will be entitled to deduct such cancellation charges from exhibitors, as per the following scale.
  • If cancelled on or before 16th November, 2022 then 50% of the participation charges shall be deducted and the remaining 50% shall be refunded.
  • If cancelled at any time after 16th November, 2022 the exhibitor shall not be entitled to any refund and the entire participation charges shall be forfeited. This scale of charges shall be applicable from the date, the organizer receives a written notice of cancellation of allotted exhibition space, by letter, e-mail or fax from the exhibitor. In addition to this scale, the exhibitor shall be liable to pay to the organizer any charges which the organizer may have incurred on behalf of the exhibitor. These terms cannot be varied under any circumstances.


  • The organizer reserves rights to allocate stall(s) in any manner deemed fit and all decisions to such effect shall be final.
  • The organizer is entitled to, in its absolute discretion, change, withdraw or otherwise deal with stall(s) allocated to an exhibitor or change the dates and /or venue of exhibition, even though the same has been confirmed, and in such circumstances, the terms and conditions as laid down herein shall continue to bind the organizer and the exhibitors. The organizer shall inform the exhibitor of any such changes in advance as early as possible.
  • The organizer reserves the rights to close any machine or device and remove it at any time before or during the exhibition, if in the opinion of the organizer, such machine or device in dangerous or is not in accordance with any regulation provided hereinafter or, if the exhibitor or his representative fails to observe and comply with any of these regulations.
  • The organizer may remove any such exhibitor or his representative misbehaving at the exhibition center with reasonable force, if necessary at the expense of the exhibitor, without the organizer being liable for any loss or damage which may be occasioned by or though such removal and any sums of money which may have been paid by the exhibitor towards participation charges shall not be refunded.


  • Built-in-stalls are of designated size and designs, including the fascia board with the exhibitor’s name, which is registered with the organizer. No alternations or additions will be permitted to the standard fascia and lettering by the exhibitor. The pavilions will be of size 6mt x 6mt which will be given as open space.
  • The exhibitor may assign his own contractor to erect and decorate his own stall but the detailed plan of the stall must be submitted to organizer for approval latest by 10th December, 2022. . • The exhibitor shall be bound to complete the erection, display, decoration, relevant changes/alternations in the stall on or before 12 noon of 15th December, 2022.
  • Penalty for encroachment and exceeding limits in height:
    • Exhibitors should strictly adhere to the exhibition space given to them.
    • Penalty for exceeding the space will be charged @ Rs. 10,000/- per sq. mt.
    • Maximum height in stall to be 10 feet. Penalty for exceeding height will be @ Rs. 20,000/- per feet or part there off.
    • Maximum height in pavilion to be 12 feet. Penalty for exceeding height will be @ Rs. 25,000/- per feet or part there off.
  • The exhibitors using his own workers or contractors to erect, decorate or dismantle his stall is responsible for the removal of all waste and trash resulting from such erection or dismantling from the exhibition hall before the opening of and a immediately after the exhibition period according to the arrangements of the organizer. No storage facilities whatsoever shall be provided for packing cases, surplus materials or other property of the exhibitor.
  • Before an exhibitor decorates his stall, he must closely observe the following rules and regulations with the organizer’s official contractor before the commencement of the works: . No posters, wallpaper, paint, drill, nails or screws may be applied to or used on the existing panel. All standards stalls are framed with high quality aluminum and the exhibitor must not screw, drill or nail on any of these frames. The exhibitor shall be liable for all loses, damages and charges resulting from such a breach.
  • The exhibitor may apply single or double sided tapes on the existing panel. No glue, scotch tape, self adhesive paper, screws, nails, spikes, pins or paint should be used on floors, walls, pillars or any part of the exhibition stall as well as hall.
  • All containers, packing items and any other articles not for display must be removed from the exhibition hall before the day of opening.
  • No pressurized containers may be used in the exhibitions hall without the prior approval of the organizer. Electricity consumption of each exhibitor will be measured by the authorised person of the organizer and all exhibitors are liable to pay whatsoever the excess consumption.
  • After completion of the decoration of the stalls, the exhibitor shall inspect the same and give a certificate in the prescribed format stating that the stall is complete and in order.


  • No stall shall be left unattended at any time during the opening hours of the exhibition. The exhibitor’s staff must be present at the respective stall at least 30 minutes before the opening hour and leave the exhibition hall not later than 30 minutes after the closing hours. The exhibitor shall be responsible for the good conduct of all his staff, agents or representatives.
  • No business activity shall be conducted by the exhibitor and / or his staff outside the allocated stall area. No advertisement or canvassing for business may take place anywhere else in the exhibition hall and in the registration area.
  • No activity which, in the opinion of the organizer amount to a nuisance or annoyance to the public or other exhibitors shall be caused by the exhibitor within the vicinity of the exhibition. In particular, audio – visual display equipment must be so positioned, and the sound level so adjusted so as not to annoy other exhibitor as well as visitors. The organizer reserves the right to disconnect or discontinue any audio-visual presentation or other such equipment, which is in their opinion, detrimental or offensive to others.
  • The exhibitor must submit the details of all products, materials & particulars of all exhibits including weights and dimensions to the organizer for their approval.
  • If a moving or working product is displayed, precautions must be taken for the protection of the public and legible sign of “DO NOT TOUCH” must be placed on any moving exhibits to warn the public. The exhibitor intending to demonstrate working equipment in his stall must provide the organizer in writing with full details of the working machinery concerned.
  • All precautions should be taken by the exhibitor against fire and provisions for the extinguishment of fire to the satisfaction of the organizer must be made.
  • Repairs if any for alternation by removal or addition of materials during the exhibition must only be carried out when the exhibition halls closed, with the consent of the organizer.
  • No product is allowed to be taken into the stall once the exhibition has been officially opened unless special permission is given by the organizer.
  • No product may be removed from the stall before the closing of the exhibition except for overnight storage in the safe area with intimation to the organizer.


  • All additional electrical works shall be carried out by the official contractor appointed by the organizer and all charges thereof shall be paid by the exhibitor. Any design or plan of electrical installation must be submitted to the organizer for approval at least 15 days before the commencement of onsite works. No installation works can be carried out without the permission of the organizer.
  • Electrical supply is for single phase, 210-230 volt and electric current of higher voltage in 3 phase will be supplied only subject to prior permission and arrangement with the organizer.
  • Electricity will be supplied only through the organizer or electrical contractor’s appointment by the organizer. No multi- plug is allowed to be used by any exhibitor.


  • The exhibitor must have, at all times valid and adequate insurance cover against theft, fire, public liability damage to property, personal injury, third party loss, accidents, natural calamities, acts of God and such other risks normally insured against by the exhibitors and / or as the organizer may require, in connection with inter alia, the exhibitor’s property and its activities during the exhibition (including the move in and moving out periods.)
  • The exhibitor’s property is brought to, display and stored at, and removed from the exhibition center at the exhibitor’s own risk and the exhibitor is responsible for the safety of his property and personnel at all times.
  • The exhibitor agrees to indemnify the organizer on demand, against any actions, claims, demands, losses (including consequential losses) proceedings, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses incurred or made.

9. Organizer has the right to change, modify alter any of the rules mentioned above in the overall interest of the exhibition.

10. In the event any dispute or malpractice happens, in that case only organizer’s decision shall be final and binding.

11. Any dispute between the organizer and exhibitors is subject to the jurisdiction of surat only.


  • The badge holder must follow and adhere the rules & regulations & security procedures set by SJMA to enter the exhibition halls.
  • SJMA reserves the right to postpone or cancel or transfer or change date, time and the location of the Exhibition, and shall have no claims whatsoever in this regard.
  • This card must always be worn around the neck and clearly displayed all the times during the Exhibition.
  • SJMA reserves the right to refuse admission/suspend entry to the show of any visitors, exhibitors or their representative and any other categories of badges for security reasons and/or creating disturbance or discomfort of any kind to the show, also SJMA reserves the right to admit any pre-registered visitor as per its discretion, even if the visitors’ badges have been issued and paid for the show.
  • Person under the age of 18 is NOT allowed to enter the show nor be the booth attendant/technicians/workers.
  • Visitors fees once submitted will be non-refundable/non-transferable under any circumstances. Reasons like change of employment, transfer in service, cancellation of visit etc., will not be entertained.
  • Visitor badge which were blocked due to breach of security norms will not be allowed to visit any shows of SJMA in the future.
  • For security reasons, luggage should be deposited at the baggage counter located near Registration Hall or any other area as may be defined during the time of Exhibition.
  • Visitor Registration charges are inclusive of GST.
  • Photography/Videography inside the exhibition is strictly prohibited. SJMA officials reserve the right to confiscate the camera/phone and further, if deemed fit cancel your registration.
  • Visitor entry will be started at 10:00 AM and will get closed at 5:00 PM. No person registered under visitor’s registration will be given entry before 10:00 AM even if they are employees of exhibiting companies.